Friday, April 15, 2011


I used to wonder why my dad always placed an emphasis on trying to use tact.  To be quite honest, sometimes I felt like he didn't have it so it was a concept at times hard for me to grasp.  Now that I'm older and in a position where my public conduct affects more than just me or even just me and my wife, I now understand why tact is important.  That said, since I can get away with doing this anonymously, I have to things to get off my chest to different individuals that will probably never read this (and to prove that as a youth pastor, yes I am human; probably more than I should be at times):

1.  You are not in love.  You are too young and naive still to understand what love truly is.  What you have is lust with a commitment component.

2.  You need to suck it up and be a man.  Start setting an example for the kids living under the same roof as you because you are only hindering them spiritually.  You may be the worst (step)father ever.  Okay maybe not worst ever, but you're still setting a bad example.

Thank you for allowing me to stand on a soapbox for a moment.

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